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trims closet door, carpentry apprenticeship

Progressing from Journeyman Apprentice to Finish Carpenter

By Rob Campbell | September 19, 2018

Good help is hard to find, and experienced contractors know the best tradespeople are handmade on the job.   Raw talent must be spotted, trained and taught the basics.  Woodworkers learn by doing, and doing it some more, adding time saving techniques when they see them, and turning safety protocols into good habits through repetition.  There…

wooden decks backyard capital building project

Build a Deck in your Backyard

By Rob Campbell | September 10, 2018

Eastview Homes loves designing and building big wooden decks that can ‘command’ a backyard property.  Just add a sliding glass door, a BBQ, kids and a dog . . . Building a backyard deck is a gratifying project for any aspiring home handymen, and although it seems like a straightforward task, there’s a lot that…

Keith the builder beside outdoor fireplace, backyard patio

Outdoor Fireplace Patio Deck Completes Circular Home

By Rob Campbell | September 6, 2018

An outdoor fireplace in the city? Yes. It’s a rare and wonderful amenity, especially when it is done so discreetly. Behold a new outdoor fireplace that will add warmth and light to an otherwise chilly outdoor space. This addition is sure to become a welcoming albeit seasonal entertainment room in this newly renovated home. The…

From Home Renovation to Higher Valuation

By Alec | June 15, 2018

Full Article Available Here What does it take to turn a $650,000 house in Mississauga’s Applewood neighbourhood into a million-dollar home that is so astonishingly pretty it raises property values along the entire street? It takes an experienced home renovator with a wide spectrum of diverse skills, a business professional who can dream up cost-effective…

Renovating Oakville’s Split Side Houses into Modern Family Homes

By Rob Campbell | May 6, 2018

Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington expanded mightily in the decades following World War II as both the car industry and two major fuel refineries took root in the region.  Ford Motors opened their first car plant here in 1953, and this factory produced nearly all of Ford’s vehicles in Canada until 1966. In 1962, the town…

Eastview Homes Tries Trash Nothing, a Local Freecycling Service

By Rob Campbell | March 10, 2018

There are always new mobile apps and services springing up with offers to help Canadian businesses reduce their carbon footprints.  Eastview Homes believes that every modern enterprise, and especially building contractors, should try new things and experiment with environmentally friendlier options just to see how they work, and so keep abreast of the changing technological…

What is the Difference Between Renovating and Remodeling?

By Rob Campbell | March 9, 2018

These two construction terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a big difference between renovating and remodeling.  Simply put, renovation is done to freshen up something old and make it new again. The word renovation comes from Latin renovatio which means renewal.  Remodeling is more elaborate.  The act of remodeling by definition requires a…

The Core Four Building Contractors at Eastview Homes

By Rob Campbell | March 7, 2018

The building contractors seen here are no longer four individual tradespeople – they have become a single well-oiled machine.  We are Eastview Homes, and here are the ‘core four’ specialists in our design build squad. Each of these hammer wielding heroes is an expert at something specific on top of being a skilled carpenter. One…

Remodeling a Side Split House (with a Home Addition) in Burlington

By Rob Campbell | March 6, 2018

Its no secret, Burlington, Ontario is a sweet spot for real estate speculators in 2018.   Market conditions have turned this Southern Ontario city into prime hunting ground for property flippers.  The population across the entire Halton Region has grown by 188,000 people, or approx 60% since 1998, and that’s just the start of what many…

Project Managers Eliminate Contractor Conflicts on Construction Sites

By Rob Campbell | September 2, 2017

One of the main reasons property owners hire a competent project manager is to reduce and hopefully eliminate altogether any conflicts that may occur on their busy construction site.  Every building project is unique, and the more complex the requirements, the more tradespeople will need access to space and resources. When their schedules conflict, there’s…