• Project Managers Eliminate Contractor Conflicts on Construction Sites

    One of the main reasons property owners hire a competent project manager is to reduce and hopefully eliminate altogether any conflicts that may occur on their busy construction site.  Every building project is unique, and the more complex the requirements, the more tradespeople will need access to space and resources. When their schedules conflict, there’s […]

  • Our Window Replacement Service

    Ugly windows look bad from the road, and nine-out-of-ten times that’s why people call replacement window contractors. Never mind the ever increasing heating bills or cooling costs, or the fact that poorly insulated windows leak air and water and can allow insects and rodents into the home, its usually the cosmetic appeal of new windows […]

  • Before a Basement Renovation

    When residential home prices really began rising across Canada ten years ago, building contractors found themselves quoting prices for home additions, attic reclamation and basement remodeling more frequently, as property owners struggled to add rooms to their domiciles. All three of these initiatives add livable space to the house and increase a building’s comfort and […]

  • What to do if your basement floods?

    Spring is the season Eastview Homes most often gets called to come out and deal with home renovations resulting from flood damage.  Occasionally the homeowners call when their properties are still underwater and sometimes the weather isn’t the most obvious explanation for the flood.  Property owners call us looking for answers, and good advice; this […]

  • Demolition Happens Before Home Improvement Begins

    Demolition happens. Sometimes its the first job on the list. The simple fact that somebody had to make a list however means demolition services are never the very first thing that Eastview Homes does for homeowners.  First we do site inspections, and then we draft base schematics which lead to proper blueprints as architects and […]