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keith travers construction manager oakville contractorAre you weighing the benefits of a home renovation? Or considering remodeling your house to change its layout and increase its value?

Keith Travers at Eastview Homes has been building houses for over twenty years, and can help you along the process. Send us your project details, and we’ll work out the real-world costs, construction challenges and possible solutions.

At Eastview Homes we believe that every house ever built can still be improved in some way. The word ‘building’ is both a noun and a verb which is even more proof that the work is never really done. Most homeowners can do small renovations by themselves, but large remodeling projects require an experienced contractor.  Read our Burlington Contractor's blog to get good inside-looks at the many processes involved in making modern houses.

Eastview Homes exists to help homeowners through the difficult transformation process every step of the way. We can help organize your thoughts. Whether you're adding a much-needed second floor or increasing your building's size with a main floor addition, we can help. Do you want to demolish the walls and make more open space? Okay, let us relocate partitions and load-bearing beams; our team are experts at remodeling homes and modernizing (maximizing) outdated designs. Eastview Homes can also improve your building's exterior facade with new windows and doors. Let's upgrade old siding with modern high-quality wood siding, impressive looking columns, stucco, new stone or brick exterior walls. Eastview Homes design and high-quality construction services are done by certified professionals who set the highest standards among Oakville area builders. Eastview Homes builds custom homes and provides complete home renovation and construction service since 1996. Servicing Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and Mississauga.

“We treat every renovation as though it were our home”

Complete Home renovation services

Eastview Home is crewed by competent home builders led by accomplished professionals who have worked together for many years and acquired many different and complimentary skillsets. Our team has twenty years’ experience and all the right tools and knowledge necessary to  complete any design-build project or home renovation task.  We specialize in full scale additions and complete home remodeling jobs. Our team of professionals are well versed in all disciplines and are lead by very experienced project managers and carpenters.

Eastview will work with you to meet each of your needs and expectations.

The Eastview Homes team - (905) 334 0445

Our team of professionals only add to the complete package of design build services within our business. Award winning architecture, solid engineering, competent carpenters leading the construction, long list of sub-contractors skilled in their trades, and interior designers helping with the details.

Eastview Homes has your best interest in mind.


What Does it mean to be baeumler approved?

Being a ‘Baeumler Approved’ certified renovation and construction contractor, provides home owners comfort knowing Eastview Homes has met and surpassed all of Brian’s strict criteria - Credited professional in Carpentry and construction practices, maintains valid business licensing, Workplace Safety Insurance Board complaint, along with a history of satisfied customers.